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    About Us

    Co-Creative Jewellers is a bespoke retail jewellery company, offering both luxury pieces and unique services. Our team of expert jewellers are dedicated to providing an interactive and opulent consumer experience. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final creation, we embark on a journey with you, ensuring every piece is a reflection of your unique taste. Creating with you, for you.

    Why not create
    your own ring?

    At Co-Creatives we understand that crafting a bespoke engagement ring is a heartfelt gesture, it is a wonderful way to create a truly unique piece of jewellery for your partner. With us you choose your precious stones,setting style , and bands to create a design that captures your sentiment. We also can incorporate birthstones, create cocktail rings and more.

    A Redefined Jewellery Consultation Experience

    Book in your design experience where we will help bring your desired ring to life. Benefit from expert advice and explore different design variations. Select the band, precious stones and its setting.

    Have your 3D CAD model created for your ring, here you can preview your design and fine-tune the details. Make any amends before final production commences.

    Here we take your bespoke ring design to completion. With quality embedded into our foundation, your end result will carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Ring Design Packages

    With our custom ring design packages, create rings tailored to your personality. Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary look, our two-component design allows you to mix, match, and manifest a symphony of styles. Choice is no longer a problem, find the perfect piece for every occasion.

    Our ring design packages also enhance your experience by promoting physical interaction with the products. Feeling the weight of the ring, assessing the stone size in relation to your hand, and observing the metal colour against your skin instils confidence in your purchase.

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    Meet The Director

    The founder of Co-Creative Jewellers Ltd, Anne Edwards, embarked on her journey in the jewellery industry by studying metalsmithing in the United States. She then transitioned to working as a repair jeweller and setter. Seeking to further her skills, she pursued an MA at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham’s Historical Jewellery Quarter, renowned for its rich history and expertise.

    Subsequently, she continued her work as a goldsmith and setter in the Jewellery Quarter, gaining valuable insights into the industry’s systems and processes. This experience ultimately led to the establishment of Co-Creative Jewellers Ltd.

    Our Office Location

    95 Spencer Street, Suite 310, Birmingham, B18 6DA