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How Much Does It Cost To Resize a Ring

When looking at the cost to resize a ring, a few factors have to be considered such as sizing up or down, how many sizes, if stones need tightening and what metal it is. However, it will normally fall in the £72 and £120 price range.

Average Cost of Ring Resizing

To resize a ring by a jeweller, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • Ring size 
  • If it needs to made bigger or smaller 
  • The material of the ring
  • How much metal needs to be manipulated
  • How the new stones and design elements will affect the new shape of the ring

To increase the size of your ring the jeweller will need to spread it as much as is required after cutting it and they will then add a new piece of metal to fill the space.

When decreasing the size the jeweller will cut out a strip from the ring and bring the two ends together. Once resizing is complete, the jeweller will put the ring back together by soldering the band where it was cut. 

This links with the average cost of ring resizing as it will be cheaper to decrease the size of a ring than to increase it. This is because with decreasing the size no material is required whereas with increasing more material is required in making the ring bigger.  

How to Choose a Reputable Jeweller for Ring Resizing

There are a few steps you can take to find the appropriate jeweller to take care of your ring. Some of these are:

  • Going back to your original jeweller
  • Referral from friends and family

Ultimately, it is key that you find a reputable jeweller you trust with your ring. It will also be beneficial to ask the jeweller to see some of their previous work and check for reviews online. 

If you have a jeweller that performs work in front of you then you are on the right path in finding a reputable jeweller! This enables you to trust who is working on your ring as they are willing to show you the process of what they’re doing. 

In addition to that, a jeweller that takes the time to show you what your stone looks like under a microscope should also be in your good books.

DIY Ring Resizing: Pros and Cons

Before we go into the pros and cons of DIY ring resizing, allow me to explain a method you can use to resize your ring yourself. 

A method you can use is through using a mallet to expand the ring. Here’s a brief step-to-step guide in how to do this method:

  1. Lubricate the ring with soap and slide it onto a ring mandrel. 
  2. Gently tap the ring with a wooden mallet or hammer
  3. Remove the ring from the mandrel and try it on. 

The pros and cons of using this method for resizing your ring are the following: 

Pros: Cost-effective, convenient and immediate results.

Cons: Not accurate in getting the correct size, risk of damage, risk of injury if the equipment is misused, risk of losing the ring.

What is Ring Resizing?

Resizing is a process where a ring is manipulated to fit a smaller or larger finger. There are two options available when resizing a ring. Ring downsizing and upsizing

Ring downsizing is making the ring shank smaller. Some may argue, this is an easy process compared to resizing up. 

As mentioned earlier, the jeweller will take a small portion of the band and join the two ends back together. The circular shape isn’t altered as it is restored after this. Once this is done soldering can begin. 

This is where the joints of two separate pieces of metal are fused to unite the metal. 

The soldering process can leave antioxidants on the ring, so to remove them the ring is then cleaned and polished. Downsizing a ring usually takes as little as 10 minutes to complete. However, it depends on the ring design, stone setting and metal. 

Ring upsizing is the opposite instead the aim is to make the ring shank bigger. To do this, stretching the band is usually the best option. 

To resize the ring by more than half a size, it will need to be cut. A professional jeweller will cut the band on the shank and then add a bridge made of the same material as the ring to make up the size difference. 

Again, the soldering process is used or even a laser depending on the metal. When downsizing, the ring’s circular shape is restored and the ring is cleaned and polished. 

What Should You Consider Before Resizing Your Ring?

Firstly, you must find out whether you need to resize your ring or not. You’ll find this out by assessing how your ring fits on your finger. 

If your ring slides onto your finger with ease but pulls a little when taking it off, it is appropriate for your finger. If your ring slides off with no resistance, then it is too big. Finally, if you can’t move your ring at all, leading to it being uncomfortable when you take it off or put it on, then it is too small. 

So, if your ring is too big or small it would be a good decision to consider resizing it. 

Can All Rings Be Resized?

In order for a ring to be resized, it needs to be made from a metal that the jeweller can work with. Some of these metals are – silver, gold or platinum. Rings made from metals such as Tungsten, titanium or rose gold cannot be resized easily due to ring design. 

To substitute the process of completely resizing the ring, some jewellers may decide to add a small ring under the existing ring. This is done when the ring design is difficult to resize.

 How Long Does Ring Resizing Take?

It depends on how busy the jeweller is and how many ongoing jobs they have at the time. If the jeweller has no customers your waiting time may be as little as an hour. 

However, if the jeweller has other work to get done before yours, it could take up to 3 days for your ring to be resized. 

How to Care for Your Ring After Resizing

Day-to-day wear can affect the appearance and overall condition of your ring over time. It can lead to your ring looking duller than when you first received it. 

In order to minimise this the owner must care for their ring, this can be done by cleaning your ring properly after resizing so that it can maintain a clean finish at all times.

There are a few routes you can take to clean your ring effect, one of them is:

  • Using hot and cool water, dish soap and a toothbrush you can soak the ring in the soapy warm water for approximately 15-20 minutes to allow the solution to get in the crevices of the ring.

Once it has soaked for that time, rinse it in the cool water. 

You then need to use the toothbrush to scrub the ring gently, paying attention to the areas where dirt can collect.

Resizing Rings FAQs

Is It Cheaper To Resize a Ring Up or Down?

  • Making a ring smaller is cheaper than increasing the size of it. This is due to the added costs of extra material that is used when increasing the size. 

 Will Resizing a Ring Damage It?

  • Every time a ring is resized it will lose its durability and the ring will become slightly weaker. If the jeweller you go to is highly skilled this shouldn’t be an issue.

 Do Rings Lose Value When Resized?

  • A ring will lose approximately 25 to 50% of its value once it has been purchased. In regards when it is resized, it will remain to lose value as when a ring is resized it will lose its durability.